Imixs Workflow ...the open source workflow technology for business applications


About the Imixs Workflow Engine

The Imixs Workflow Engine is a full featured Workflow Management System (WFMS) based on the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). It provides an architecture to store business data and process workflows defined in a business process model. This makes it easy to develop business applications in a fast and flexible way, since there is no need to invest much time in the persistence and management of business objects.

The project extends the Imixs Workflow API to fulfill the requirements to a scalable, transactional, robust and simple deployable java enterprise business application. The Imixs Workflow provides different service components which can be used in any kind of enterprise BPM application.

General Goals

The goal of this project is to provide an easy to use enterprise architecture for the development of business applications. The Imixs Workflow is typical used for human-to-human workflows but it can also be used for complex technical business process management (BPM) solutions.

The project is based on the Java EE specification and the Java EE component model. It offers a set of enterprise java beans (EJBs) providing a reusable and robust workflow solution to be used in any kind of enterprise application. The Imixs Workflow Engine enables software developers to reduce the time to implement BPM functionality inside there own applications. Therefore the project provides business services and a JPA based persistence architecture for the management and the persistence of business process data.

The Imixs Workflow Engine is based on the concepts of the Java EE component model. This means also that it is not necessary to be a Java EE developer to use these components. One goal of this project is to provide developers with functional components out of the box. These components can be used without paying much attention about all the internal JPA and EJB stuff. If you just want to use the Imixs Workflow Engine in your own Web Project you can use the Imixs Web Tools providing an easy to use JSF workflow framework. On the other hand, if you are interested in Java EE and EJB technology and the implementation of the Imixs Workflow Engine you will find useful informations about building robust and scaleable enterprise BPM applications.

This project site gives an overview about the basic concepts behind the Imixs Workflow Engine and you will find also examples about the usage and the deployment of the components.

All components of the project are build using Maven to simplify the development process and usage of the components in a Java project.


All results of the Imixs Workflow project and subprojects are subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL). You are free to use the results of the project in you own software project. We also invite you to participate as much as you wish. Every project obtains its strengths in virtue of the persons involved. The role and responsibility of everybody involved in this project is based on merits. Every input counts!